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cutest jewelry found here!

I was searching the net this morning and found the cutest site ever for silver jewelry.  gwynniebdesigns I think I might just have to get a thing or two or three from this site. I love that the maker of these fine trinkets is going green also. I found her trinkets to be quite whimsical and creative... love that! Just thought I would share this.

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sipping chocolate...

Have you ever been sipping hot chocolate, you know the rich deep dark creamy kind and just relaxing by the fire watching a good chick flick movie while it's raining outside, well that is the kind of day I'm having. I'm savoring every moment too. Husband and son are both working. It just feels so good to sit around with nobody to cook or clean for today. I did add a few items to my store. A really cute coffee/tea mug from Hallmark (not sure what year this one was made). I got it at an estate sale and it looks to be unused.  I also listed a  Pampered Chef Anniversary Heart Cookie Mold Stone (very cute).
Anyway, I'm going back to my chocolate and sipping it while watching another movie.


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Giveaway.... Check this out!

I've been following Donna Downey on her blog. Well today she has a giveaway for all the scrap bookers out there, check it out here. Here's a picture of the giveaway goodies.
If you sign up for the giveaway tell her where you got the link! Thanks xoxo

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sale, sale, sale

My favorite word! I love when things are on sale. Michaels is having a 55% off sale on the Jetmax storage cubes. I have 3 right now and I will be adding another 5 or 6 when the sale starts. I had a picture of my studio room in a post on March 12th of this year and now I am finally getting it together. I will need only about 9 more than. Maybe I'll splurge and get 9 this time and next time get the 6 more I'll need. As soon as I get them together I'll show a picture. As you can see from the previous picture my room is in serious need of organization. I'm getting there. Check out Michaels if you are collecting these great cubes.


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My new favorite snack

While on my diet to lose the extra few pounds that are lingering on my thighs, I found these great crackers to snack on. At first I wasn't sure if I liked them, but as I finished off the first box I started to really like them, plus I noticed that they are very filling to me. So far 12 pounds have come off. Now I know it's not because of these crackers, but they help me to not want to snack on the really, really good things (you know like cookies, cake or brownies)Anyways, here's the website to check them out. My favorite is the Sticks & Twigs Curry flavor, again at first I didn't think I liked these but as I worked my way through the bag I decided they were good. The website has a store locator so you can see if there is a store near you. Hey if anyone else likes these let me know.

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Following one of my fav's

I just read a great book on blogging and in the book they mentioned another blog that I found I really liked. You can see it here. They have freebies and wonderful ideas.
Here's a sample of one of the words they have.
I'm sure I'll find so many ways to use this new found website.
I think with the new grandbaby, I will have many chances to take quite a few pictures and make a few scrapbook pages using this little gem.
Speaking of the baby, she is growing like a weed (she's hungry all the time). Okay here's a new picture of her.
She is almost 2 months old already. 


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New Blog Template

I just made this new banner for the header^ up there and I also found a new background for my blog. There are so many great people out on the internet with wonderful ideas. they inspired me to start creating. Check out shelscraps for the backgrounds. But the banner is my creation.

I took a picture of the flowers my husband gave me on our 25th anniversary, They were so pretty I couldn't let them go without a few photographs. 2008-28 years^
There is a good story to go with how many flowers I get each year.

^2005-25 years

From the beginning of our courtship he brought me red roses, because he knew I liked them. Then on our first anniversary he brought me one red rose, he told me there was one for every year we are married and of course he has brought me one more every  year. 2008-28 years^
At first I saved the roses, but after we moved a few times and then the kids, those roses got pretty beat up. So I decided now that I take a picture and really make it look spectacular in a photo, then I'll always have it.
Please leave a comment, let me know what you think.

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She's here.............

Well baby is here! And of course she is beautiful (I just might be a bias nana) Ten fingers & ten little toes she is perfect. Born Sept 30th weighing in at 6lb 5oz. I'll be putting up more pictures on my flicker account.

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Browsing around I happened upon this site that helped save money, I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to do that.

I was curious to see if this was a legit site - sure enough it is. I watched for a while after signing up and then started to sign up a few family members and friends. Now I have bought a few things on ebay just to see if they really give you the money they say they will. So on the 15th of September 2009I got my money in my paypal account, it wasn't very much but things are picking up now. I now have started to purchase more from ebay {and hopefully they will add ebid.net soon} and I will be getting around $4.76 back next month. I also get my ebay bucks from ebay at the same time, so I was very pleased that when I buy things I get money back from both, so this was a plus!
Here is the link to check out what I'm talking about.

Oh I forgot to mention that I signed up as a CrumbEarner so this means that when people sign up under me and start to buy things I will also get a percentage of what they buy. So now I will be increasing my money made faster. It goes down 5 generations, so it can multiply pretty fast. When I go visit family this next week in Oregon I'll be signing them up also. Can't wait to see how fast this starts to add up. I'll keep you posted.


ps... sorry I just had to make a 2nd posting today. I also put it on twitter yesterday. I may even add it to facebook too.

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Ebid.net the new ebay?

Well in 2 weeks I am going to be moving some things from ebay to ebid.net.
It is so much easier than ebay and for sellers it has so many more advantages. If you are thinking of buying anything online check out ebid first. It is auction style and buy it now. You can set up 5 stores {for FREE} I really like the set up. I will have about 200 things in my store when I am done. Please take a peek....


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My cute little cat in the picture has disappeared! We try to get our cat's inside each evening, but about 2 weeks ago he got out of the house and has not returned. My neighbor has seen coyote's walking down our street before and I think that my cat has become coyote food. He was such a lover cat, he would sleep on my desk everyday while I was working. He was actually quite smart too. He would tell me when he had to go out to use the litter box. He knew what he wanted and wouldn't be distracted by something else. I know any of you cat lover's know how I feel, it's so hard to lose an animal that brings so much joy and love to you. I think we might start to think about getting another cat, I just keep hoping he wandered into someone's house and somehow will escape and come home. But the longer he's gone the more I think a coyote got him. This has made me rethink the collar issue though, I'm always afraid that a cat will get his collar caught on something and then he will get hurt, so I don't have one on him. I think I might look into the micro chip a bit more seriously.
My apron is kinda sitting in my studio room I'll try to get a few more things done during this week, things have been so hectic though, what with my daughters new baby trying to come out too soon. I've been busy helping her to stay on bed rest to keep the baby in.


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Best Laid Plans......

Well my best laid plans have gone astray. My grandson came to stay for a week then he went home and came back for another 5 days, so I put real life on pause and I didn't have a chance to work on my apron. I was very busy doing kid things - like playing at the park, going to the beach (got a little sunburned) swimming in several friends pools and of course watching kids slide on the slip-n-slide. Now I'm trying to get back to all the things I need to do. I do have to say I am very close to being done though, just a few more steady hours and it will be done.

But for now I have a picture of the March Hare at the beach, he loves to dig in the sand and build roads and castles.

As a side note..... I just put a bunch of things on sale at my shoppe, so take a peak, see if there may be a few things you're just dying to have.


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about halfway there....

As promised I have been working on the apron. It will soon be up on etsy.... hopefully by the weekend!

I keep thinking that I like this so much I want to keep it. But I think I will put it on etsy. It's just coming out too cute. Almost too cute to use it. I'm sure whoever does get it will be just as happy to wear it as I am to make it. Okay I'm off to the machine to try to get more sewing done.

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Inspiration has hit me....

I have finally started on my items to create for etsy! I have decided to make aprons. I know that might not sound exciting, but these really are exciting. I was shopping at the mall at Anthropologie
When I came around the corner I saw the cutest apron ever. {they seem to be popping up everywhere} I think because the economy is bad that people are staying home to eat, so there is more need to have an apron again. Anyway I love them. So I am putting together a very different one than any I have seen. This one is probably better for those who love to create with mixed media art. Stay tuned I'll have pictures soon. Be sure to check at my etsy store , that's where I'll be selling these little beauties!

* * * * Update* * * *
Okay here is a very small picture of the apron. I told you I don't want to give too much away. Check back to see my progress. I'll be working on it some more today and try to get it done by the end of the week.{maybe sooner if I get off this computer}

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I'm on my way to being thin

I have been working really hard to get about 30 pounds off my body. I have lost 13. I am now going to try this new diet it's called "cheat your way thin". I'll give you the details as soon as I start losing more weight. Here's the link
I've been walking every other day for 30 minutes. This seems to be helping, since I normally sit all day at a computer. So I definitely need to get up an make sure I do some sort of exercise each day.
Also one more important thing I have been changing in my diet is what I eat. I know, I know it is really hard to cut out the junk food or all the great restaurants, but I have been buying more organic foods. We have a farmers market on Friday afternoon at our mall I've been going to also. The veges taste better than store bought ones. Better color and flavor. So let me know what you are doing to lose weight, I can use all the suggestions I can get.


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confusion or just a better place....

Maybe you're just like me in this auction thing... I have been selling on ebay for quite a few years now, BUT..... I hate the fees and the new changes to feedback, regulations and on and on. Anyway rather than complain I have started to look elsewhere. Oh I still sell there because things still sell, but I wanted to expand my horizons and check out the rest of the internet world.
Let me tell you I have found several really good sites in my internet travels.

Okay so sit back ^ and enjoy the benefits of my traveling around the internet looking for other places to sell! Alright my first stop on my internet travels...

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items that are handmade, as well as vintage goods and crafting supplies. {So this one caught my attention for the artsy side of my personality. I think I will be starting to work with mixed media to put a few things on this site}

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling items faster while having more fun. Our specialty is helping you buy and sell items that aren't shiny, new and mass-produced. {This can actually replace my ebay store for a whole lot less moola}

eBid is an online auction, just like ebay, only the fees are pennies on the dollar of what ebay charges. No insertion fee, very small FVF (final value fee) { Again this site can replace my ebay store & auctions}

ecrater is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes. Buyers can easily browse and compare between thousands of products. {This has got to be by far the best site ever...... everything is free for the seller.}
So there you have it, my favorite auction/store sites so far. And I signed up for them all. Now I might have to narrow down to just one.... or maybe.... I'll keep them all!
One last thing I have to mention is Big crumbs.....
Not an auction or store site, but it works for when you are the buyer!

Okay this is the best thing since sliced bread.... you get paid to shop! That's right when you sign up you go through this site and they will pay you back.
Get Cash Back On What You Already Buy.
Big Crumbs the free service that pays you the highest overall
cash back available at eBay and over 391 popular retailers. Update: Now in 2013 there is no cash back when shopping on Ebay or Amazon. Soooo bummed!
{I know ebay charges way to much for sellers, but this is my way of getting paid back to shop on ebay! I do like that.... I didn't see any catches, or jumping through hoops to get your cashback. So take a minute and see if you would like it too.}
Okay so there is my 2 cents worth here, has anyone else found any sites they like, let me know.....

Now I need to get back to learning how to put things on these sites. Work, work, work! I guess I'll have to go Twitter about this too.....

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Big Crumbs

While I was looking for something on eBay I came across this really cool website. This is such a neat site I just found. I get money back for shopping.

I have found that when people don't know about something they tend to say it's a scam. Also I've seen people say something is a scam when they try it and it doesn't work the way they thought it would. Really I have come to find out that a lot of things are not a scam they are just not for everyone. Sometime people expect things to happen quickly and they don't, so they scream "SCAM". Now I know there are really scams out there, but not everything that is labeled "Scam" is really a scam. Anyway I said all that because before I signed up with Big Crumbs I saw some people saying this was a scam, but I emailed the person who I found it through and we had a really good conversation and I felt like I would take a chance, I'm glad I did, it's not a scam. I'm getting money back, maybe not oddles of it but every little bit helps. It is free to sign up and you just go through their site to purchase an item from many, many stores that they have signed up, all of them are pretty well known, like Home Depot, Sam's Club, Nordstrom, Sephora and lots more!
If you love saving money while shopping check this out! Oh and please sign up

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Learn Photoshop in a Nutshell - Graphics & Design

Defining and describing every tool, command, palette, and sub-menu in Photoshop 4, this guide contains unique nine-graphic grids that show the effect of different command settings on a single image--eliminating unnecessary work and saving time.
This book helped me to get the basics of Photoshop, very easy to follow. Even though it is not for the most current version, it still is very helpful and you can still get alot of info from this book.
Actually this book teaches you to make informed choices as you work, eliminating time spent searching for just the right combination of filters and effects and reducing the risk of incorrect editing decisions. I have found this book an invaluable guide.

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the beach

Well the baby is a bump. 16 weeks... I think she is pushing it out a bit more to make it show. Very cold day at the beach, we huddled up under the towels to keep warm. The seagulls got quite close, trying to get some food.

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Wow ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Twittering

Oprah went from 0 to 1 mill in just 28 days. Wow why can't everything be this simple! I don't really watch her that often but I do have to say that is impressive.

I'm increasing my knowledge of cs3 and having a great time in the process.

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interesting observation

I was looking out my window yesterday & I saw a humming bird. He or she was just hoovering there by my mexican sage plant. I don't really know much about the humming bird so I looked up about them. Did you know they can fly backwards and are the only group of birds able to do so. Also they can fly at speeds exceeding 34 mph. Besides eating nectar they eat insects & spiders for protein. When hummingbirds feed on nectar, the bill is usually only opened slightly, allowing the tongue to dart out and into the interior of flowers. Hummingbirds are found only in the Americas. There are between 325 and 340 species of hummingbird. Their English name derives from the characteristic hum made by their rapid wing beats.
So now we know.....

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tag sale going on right now

Summer is coming sale! I have new things being added to my store, so I thought I would have a sale to get the ball rolling on summertime....... I can't wait to get to the beach & be on vacation.

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love, love, love, the smell of soy candles

Don't these look yummy!
I found these at a yard sale & now I have them on ebay. They smell heavenly.... I love the colors too. I wish I knew more about how to make candles. I also wish I had more time to figure it out, it seems like a fun hobby. I know that I love to burn the candles....
  • Cinnamon & Spice
  • Sandalwood
  • Lilac
  • Black Amber & Lavender
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Slices of Fruit
  • Apple Orchard
  • Citrus & Sage - not pictured
You get hungry just saying the names! These candle scents really last a long time. I have other candles that I have bought before and they burn really clean & still smell just as good when you get to the bottom of the candle. I think the orange creamsicle is my fav.... I'm going to keep it by my desk so I can smell it while it is for sale.
Check back often for new things I find to put up for auction!

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