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The rest of the pictures

Here are some more of the wedding photos, I had to finish uploading them.

Grandpa's car

Engagement photo ~ Oregon trees are beautiful this time of year! They almost look fake

This flowergirl LOVED taking pictures!

Loved these next two shots

All legal now!

Last photo of the day

Thank you Courtney and Brian for the great time!

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Brian & Courtney Wedding Pictures

So a couple of weeks ago I went to Oregon to take pictures of my friend's daughter's wedding. My friend was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding. My how time flies...
Anyway, such a cute couple and so easy to work with! Here are some of the beautiful pictures and of course my favorites!

Very happy groom
The happy couple ~ Brian and Courtney
The guys were speechless~
Okay I couldn't pass up this delicious table of wonderful candies ~ Thanks goes to her dad for this

Oh and we can't forget the cake...
This was one very happy little flower girl 
More to come...

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Pinterest addict

I have a new love in my life, yep you guessed right, it's Pinterest.
I even think there should be some sort of group therapy for this addiction...

 I have piles of work to do, I have 3 shoppe's

& I have mounds of items to list, but alas I'm on Pinterest!
Although I'm probably a bit late in jumping on (there are so many people who have been here way before me) Anyway if you decide to join I'll give you a warning, here it is, "I will not be responsible for you not getting out of bed until 11am or sitting for hours looking at your computer screen" this site is very addictive! But on the other hand you will find lots and lot's of things you love. If your curious, pop over to the site and see....
Follow Me on Pinterest
I just learned how to add the "Pin it" button under a blog post. There is a great {and easy} tute over on chykalophia.com
So now I'll be able to add to the madness of this addiction.
Happy pinning!

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Big Brother Love

When I read this story today on The Huffington Post/High School page, I knew I had to share. Yes, the story is a touching one and has a very important message. But to me, right away, I thought “That little boy is fortunate to have that particular older brother.
I hope you enjoy this post by Kristen Wolfe.
Everyone deserves to have had a big brother like this.

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love love love ~ this site

A friend of mine showed me a site today that i just LOVE! Lots of pictures to pin to my style board and just wish i had all these lovely things. Check out the site, I did get a little something for myself.
I can't wait to get it...
I got this! I just couldn't stop myself
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