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Best Laid Plans......

Well my best laid plans have gone astray. My grandson came to stay for a week then he went home and came back for another 5 days, so I put real life on pause and I didn't have a chance to work on my apron. I was very busy doing kid things - like playing at the park, going to the beach (got a little sunburned) swimming in several friends pools and of course watching kids slide on the slip-n-slide. Now I'm trying to get back to all the things I need to do. I do have to say I am very close to being done though, just a few more steady hours and it will be done.

But for now I have a picture of the March Hare at the beach, he loves to dig in the sand and build roads and castles.

As a side note..... I just put a bunch of things on sale at my shoppe, so take a peak, see if there may be a few things you're just dying to have.


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about halfway there....

As promised I have been working on the apron. It will soon be up on etsy.... hopefully by the weekend!

I keep thinking that I like this so much I want to keep it. But I think I will put it on etsy. It's just coming out too cute. Almost too cute to use it. I'm sure whoever does get it will be just as happy to wear it as I am to make it. Okay I'm off to the machine to try to get more sewing done.

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