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My cute little cat in the picture has disappeared! We try to get our cat's inside each evening, but about 2 weeks ago he got out of the house and has not returned. My neighbor has seen coyote's walking down our street before and I think that my cat has become coyote food. He was such a lover cat, he would sleep on my desk everyday while I was working. He was actually quite smart too. He would tell me when he had to go out to use the litter box. He knew what he wanted and wouldn't be distracted by something else. I know any of you cat lover's know how I feel, it's so hard to lose an animal that brings so much joy and love to you. I think we might start to think about getting another cat, I just keep hoping he wandered into someone's house and somehow will escape and come home. But the longer he's gone the more I think a coyote got him. This has made me rethink the collar issue though, I'm always afraid that a cat will get his collar caught on something and then he will get hurt, so I don't have one on him. I think I might look into the micro chip a bit more seriously.
My apron is kinda sitting in my studio room I'll try to get a few more things done during this week, things have been so hectic though, what with my daughters new baby trying to come out too soon. I've been busy helping her to stay on bed rest to keep the baby in.


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