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I'm on my way to being thin

I have been working really hard to get about 30 pounds off my body. I have lost 13. I am now going to try this new diet it's called "cheat your way thin". I'll give you the details as soon as I start losing more weight. Here's the link
I've been walking every other day for 30 minutes. This seems to be helping, since I normally sit all day at a computer. So I definitely need to get up an make sure I do some sort of exercise each day.
Also one more important thing I have been changing in my diet is what I eat. I know, I know it is really hard to cut out the junk food or all the great restaurants, but I have been buying more organic foods. We have a farmers market on Friday afternoon at our mall I've been going to also. The veges taste better than store bought ones. Better color and flavor. So let me know what you are doing to lose weight, I can use all the suggestions I can get.


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  1. Hi!
    I will look forward to your posts on this...I have gained alot of weight over the last year....hormones are whacking out...and just struggle to lose anything at all. Good luck to you!