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Key West Vacation

I just stumbled across this slide show I made a couple of years ago, forgot that I had it. This was long before the oil spill that is now creeping towards Key West. Hopefully they (BP) will get it to stop gushing oil into the ocean in the next couple of days so that these beautiful places won't be ruined by people's greed.


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Pumpkin Ravioli

I have to say it... I am not much of a cook. I would rather do something artsy before I cooked. But I did have the cooking bug bite me yesterday, I was on a mission to make Pumpkin Ravioli. I found some Rachael Ray Everyday magazines last weekend at a yard sale and I saw this recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli, let me tell you it is hard to find canned pumpkin in May! I went to 5 stores before I found it, everyone had the pumpkin pie stuff, I just wanted plain ole pumpkin. Here is the recipe I used. It turned out perfect and the family seemed to like it too. I made a cream sauce to dip it in just in case it was a bit dry, but it tasted good both ways.
Anyway that is the extent of my culinary expertise. If you like pumpkin and ravioli you'll like this. Enjoy!

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"Flower Power" Chair

While I was at a yard sale yesterday I found a really cute child's chair with horrible fabric on it. The lady wanted $3.00 but she took $2.00. Then when I put it in the car I remembered I had just bought some adorable fabric to use on the car seat, but now I changed my mind and decided to use this fabric on this new chair. Of course I was so excited to start this project that I didn't remember to take a "before" picture of the chair. But I did take a picture of the old material 
And yes it was very faded material. This took me about six hours to recover. It had about a million staples in it. {so now I have a really sore spot on my hand where I used the tool to dig out the staples} This took a while to do but felt so good when it was done and it was very easy to do too. There are even little rocking feet on the bottom.
Okay so here is the finished product.....

I love the way it turned out, now I can't wait for the Dormouse to start sitting in it.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of the before, I think it might have been more dramatic to see it before I changed the fabric.


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Wow I just had to share....Squint - Saturday Sharing

As I was wandering around the internet this morning, I came upon the most interesting web-site. I don't know if I could be so brave as to put this in my home, but it sure is great to look at. {wish I could go to London to see and feel the furniture} They have an exclusive collection in Harrods! Each piece is unique. Here is the description straight from the site

"The fabrics used are woven English damasks and shot silver and gold satins with Swarovski rose crystal and pearl detailing. Trimmings are 18th and 19th century from France with woven silver and gold thread. The accessories range includes mirrors and lighting wrapped with Japanese ceremonial Kimono silks which have been embroidered and appliqu├ęd and finished with turn of the century lavender glass beads."
Lisa sure has fun creating! Here is an interview that I was reading about the designer. Okay so I really need to get to my artwork now that I have been inspired....
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Wordless Wednesday


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kids - they never grow up


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New Header

I was practicing in CS3 today, so I decided to make a new header. That is my grand-daughter Morgan. I was just playing around with the torn edge effect and I think I like it. I will have to practice a bit more, but for now it's good!. I thought it was about time for a new header, kinda getting tired of the old one.

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Quilting Foot

I have been scouring the internet to figure out which is the best quilting foot for my machine {in fact my head hurts} I think I have it narrowed down and I will be getting the darn foot in the next day or so. Yeah then I can finish my baby candy wrapper quilt! I think I'll go with a simple quilting pattern since this is my first time ever to quilt. I can't wait to start testing this quilting foot, before I quilt the real thing. I just love the internet and all the very helpful and friendly people who have shared their wealth of knowledge and show us newbie's the "How To" on pretty much everything. Okay I must go to work now, I'll share more later.


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necklaces and bracelets...

Have you ever been sitting at the computer and found yourself daydreaming and just wandering around the internet... Well I did that today and after a couple of hours I realized I didn't get anything done at home. But I did find lots of fun ideas and a whole lot of things I would like to buy.  Here's an etsy shop I like that has great prices and cute things. Here's my favorite necklace.
I also found this bracelet I think I will be trying to copy with my own treasures.

  I have a ca-zillion things to use with all the ideas I have floating in my head. Now just to find the time and peace and quiet at my house to do them all... I think that is a problem for all creators and crafter's. Well I must be off to work on a few pictures I took of my friends little girls.{alas it's back to work for me, no fun creating today}

have a great evening!

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Finally... Pictures of my Apron

I did it! I finished the apron. I really finished it a while ago and just today got to take pictures. Well I love it! It fits me perfect. This was so much fun to make.
I also caught up to my whirlwind daughter to wrestle her down to model this for me. 

I used a shirt I got at Goodwill to make the gathered part on the top and bottom section. The bottom ruffle is a raw silk material (I'll have to hand wash this) The purple thread to make the small knots was from the raw silk material, I had some scraps for the yo yo flowers, then I finished it off with some trim pieces I had in my stash.  I do have to give credit where credit is due... I got this idea from Donna Downey I saw her apron and thought "how cute is that" so I tried it. I just might do some more in lots of colors to match my mood, or maybe to sell. We'll see.....

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