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Browsing around I happened upon this site that helped save money, I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to do that.

I was curious to see if this was a legit site - sure enough it is. I watched for a while after signing up and then started to sign up a few family members and friends. Now I have bought a few things on ebay just to see if they really give you the money they say they will. So on the 15th of September 2009I got my money in my paypal account, it wasn't very much but things are picking up now. I now have started to purchase more from ebay {and hopefully they will add ebid.net soon} and I will be getting around $4.76 back next month. I also get my ebay bucks from ebay at the same time, so I was very pleased that when I buy things I get money back from both, so this was a plus!
Here is the link to check out what I'm talking about.

Oh I forgot to mention that I signed up as a CrumbEarner so this means that when people sign up under me and start to buy things I will also get a percentage of what they buy. So now I will be increasing my money made faster. It goes down 5 generations, so it can multiply pretty fast. When I go visit family this next week in Oregon I'll be signing them up also. Can't wait to see how fast this starts to add up. I'll keep you posted.


ps... sorry I just had to make a 2nd posting today. I also put it on twitter yesterday. I may even add it to facebook too.

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