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Inspiration has hit me....

I have finally started on my items to create for etsy! I have decided to make aprons. I know that might not sound exciting, but these really are exciting. I was shopping at the mall at Anthropologie
When I came around the corner I saw the cutest apron ever. {they seem to be popping up everywhere} I think because the economy is bad that people are staying home to eat, so there is more need to have an apron again. Anyway I love them. So I am putting together a very different one than any I have seen. This one is probably better for those who love to create with mixed media art. Stay tuned I'll have pictures soon. Be sure to check at my etsy store , that's where I'll be selling these little beauties!

* * * * Update* * * *
Okay here is a very small picture of the apron. I told you I don't want to give too much away. Check back to see my progress. I'll be working on it some more today and try to get it done by the end of the week.{maybe sooner if I get off this computer}

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I'm on my way to being thin

I have been working really hard to get about 30 pounds off my body. I have lost 13. I am now going to try this new diet it's called "cheat your way thin". I'll give you the details as soon as I start losing more weight. Here's the link
I've been walking every other day for 30 minutes. This seems to be helping, since I normally sit all day at a computer. So I definitely need to get up an make sure I do some sort of exercise each day.
Also one more important thing I have been changing in my diet is what I eat. I know, I know it is really hard to cut out the junk food or all the great restaurants, but I have been buying more organic foods. We have a farmers market on Friday afternoon at our mall I've been going to also. The veges taste better than store bought ones. Better color and flavor. So let me know what you are doing to lose weight, I can use all the suggestions I can get.


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confusion or just a better place....

Maybe you're just like me in this auction thing... I have been selling on ebay for quite a few years now, BUT..... I hate the fees and the new changes to feedback, regulations and on and on. Anyway rather than complain I have started to look elsewhere. Oh I still sell there because things still sell, but I wanted to expand my horizons and check out the rest of the internet world.
Let me tell you I have found several really good sites in my internet travels.

Okay so sit back ^ and enjoy the benefits of my traveling around the internet looking for other places to sell! Alright my first stop on my internet travels...

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell items that are handmade, as well as vintage goods and crafting supplies. {So this one caught my attention for the artsy side of my personality. I think I will be starting to work with mixed media to put a few things on this site}

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling items faster while having more fun. Our specialty is helping you buy and sell items that aren't shiny, new and mass-produced. {This can actually replace my ebay store for a whole lot less moola}

eBid is an online auction, just like ebay, only the fees are pennies on the dollar of what ebay charges. No insertion fee, very small FVF (final value fee) { Again this site can replace my ebay store & auctions}

ecrater is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes. Buyers can easily browse and compare between thousands of products. {This has got to be by far the best site ever...... everything is free for the seller.}
So there you have it, my favorite auction/store sites so far. And I signed up for them all. Now I might have to narrow down to just one.... or maybe.... I'll keep them all!
One last thing I have to mention is Big crumbs.....
Not an auction or store site, but it works for when you are the buyer!

Okay this is the best thing since sliced bread.... you get paid to shop! That's right when you sign up you go through this site and they will pay you back.
Get Cash Back On What You Already Buy.
Big Crumbs the free service that pays you the highest overall
cash back available at eBay and over 391 popular retailers. Update: Now in 2013 there is no cash back when shopping on Ebay or Amazon. Soooo bummed!
{I know ebay charges way to much for sellers, but this is my way of getting paid back to shop on ebay! I do like that.... I didn't see any catches, or jumping through hoops to get your cashback. So take a minute and see if you would like it too.}
Okay so there is my 2 cents worth here, has anyone else found any sites they like, let me know.....

Now I need to get back to learning how to put things on these sites. Work, work, work! I guess I'll have to go Twitter about this too.....

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Big Crumbs

While I was looking for something on eBay I came across this really cool website. This is such a neat site I just found. I get money back for shopping.

I have found that when people don't know about something they tend to say it's a scam. Also I've seen people say something is a scam when they try it and it doesn't work the way they thought it would. Really I have come to find out that a lot of things are not a scam they are just not for everyone. Sometime people expect things to happen quickly and they don't, so they scream "SCAM". Now I know there are really scams out there, but not everything that is labeled "Scam" is really a scam. Anyway I said all that because before I signed up with Big Crumbs I saw some people saying this was a scam, but I emailed the person who I found it through and we had a really good conversation and I felt like I would take a chance, I'm glad I did, it's not a scam. I'm getting money back, maybe not oddles of it but every little bit helps. It is free to sign up and you just go through their site to purchase an item from many, many stores that they have signed up, all of them are pretty well known, like Home Depot, Sam's Club, Nordstrom, Sephora and lots more!
If you love saving money while shopping check this out! Oh and please sign up

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