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I just made this new banner for the header^ up there and I also found a new background for my blog. There are so many great people out on the internet with wonderful ideas. they inspired me to start creating. Check out shelscraps for the backgrounds. But the banner is my creation.

I took a picture of the flowers my husband gave me on our 25th anniversary, They were so pretty I couldn't let them go without a few photographs. 2008-28 years^
There is a good story to go with how many flowers I get each year.

^2005-25 years

From the beginning of our courtship he brought me red roses, because he knew I liked them. Then on our first anniversary he brought me one red rose, he told me there was one for every year we are married and of course he has brought me one more every  year. 2008-28 years^
At first I saved the roses, but after we moved a few times and then the kids, those roses got pretty beat up. So I decided now that I take a picture and really make it look spectacular in a photo, then I'll always have it.
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