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my newest try at eating better

Okay for the past few months I have been really trying to eat better, you know, no more of the "white foods" (sugar, flour, bread, anything white) Well I have been making smoothies everyday. Recently I have been adding different veges to them. I have become very adventuress at adding things I would never have added before. Like cauliflower, cucumber, squash, kale, cabbage and lettuce.

The next one I will be trying is green beans. How brave is that. I haven't become brave enough to add other things yet, but I'm working through that. But I just went to the Clean House yard sale this weekend and the only thing I bought was a book! I sure am excited to get this book. It is "Virgin Coconut Oil" by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy. I was very surprised that I had never heard of this book before, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was already doing most of what this book said. I have changed my vegetable oil to coconut oil now. I still use olive oil too. Has anyone read this book and found it to be beneficial for an ailment? I'm just curious how others use the coconut oil. Leave me a comment about how you use the oil, I would love to hear from you.


ps... I found two new blogs I'm loving... alicias homemaking and happy foody. I found some really good ideas from them.
* * * * * Update* * * * *
I cut back on all my food intake for the past week and since I posted this I have lost 4 pounds. I have been trying to eat only raw foods. Well I still have a bit to go to get back into my size I have worn for the majority of my life! I still have a few lb's to get off these old thighs. But now I think that I can get there and stay that size.

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