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I'm working on my studio. Boy do I need too. I am one of those who now has a room just for me... to have as a studio to create in. This weekend I'll be moving the things I sell on eBay out of the studio room into the office & then I'll need to start thinking & looking on the web for ideas of how I would like to store all the oodles & oodles of things I have for scrap booking! The way I have it now my things get pretty dusty on the open shelves (I am pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning up) I'm almost embarrassed to put these pictures up here. Oh well here goes!

(I told you I'm pretty lazy about putting things away) It feels even more messy just looking at those photos.
I did see one studio by creativejamie that has inspired me. I have to say I am a drawer & cubby type of person so this room really appeals to me. But..... I saw this studio by Donna Downey & it feels nice too, with the baskets to put things in (I do tend to get messy & did I mention lazy when I am creating)(oh yeah I also love, love, love those tags hanging off the baskets). So my problem..... I guess I need to decide if I should have everything neat & clean feeling or should I go with the open feeling to lend itself to being creative? If anyone has any other ideas or maybe you have a studio that you found has worked for you... I would love to hear your comments, ideas or links.
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