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Big Crumbs

While I was looking for something on eBay I came across this really cool website. This is such a neat site I just found. I get money back for shopping.

I have found that when people don't know about something they tend to say it's a scam. Also I've seen people say something is a scam when they try it and it doesn't work the way they thought it would. Really I have come to find out that a lot of things are not a scam they are just not for everyone. Sometime people expect things to happen quickly and they don't, so they scream "SCAM". Now I know there are really scams out there, but not everything that is labeled "Scam" is really a scam. Anyway I said all that because before I signed up with Big Crumbs I saw some people saying this was a scam, but I emailed the person who I found it through and we had a really good conversation and I felt like I would take a chance, I'm glad I did, it's not a scam. I'm getting money back, maybe not oddles of it but every little bit helps. It is free to sign up and you just go through their site to purchase an item from many, many stores that they have signed up, all of them are pretty well known, like Home Depot, Sam's Club, Nordstrom, Sephora and lots more!
If you love saving money while shopping check this out! Oh and please sign up

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