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Cake Bites are done!

Okay now that the cake bites have frozen really hard, it's time to dip them
With a double boiler (or a pot with a metal pan on top) boil the water and melt your candy/almond bark.
I bought the Wilton's candy melts, available at pretty much any craft/baking store in lots of colors. I got white because I have some food color gels that I was trying to see if we could achieve the right fushia color we need. It didn't come out the right color but I will have to work on that. I used a fork and spatula to dip in and roll around.

At first the candy mix was going on the bites really nice, no drips, no mess, but then when the melted coating got too melted and hot it doesn't stay put on your pop as well, it got  gloppy and grainy. So I learned it's best to let it be a bit cooler. I also read the package and that was what it said. The cake even started to crumble off and go into the candy. Well here are the bad ones...
So the lesson here is to keep the candy at a constant heat and be quick about dipping. I didn't do any decorations.
Here is a site that will amaze you and possibly make you feel bad about yourself, be sure to check out Bakerella's blog.
Let them set up in the fridge.
Okay so as I'm now sitting here eating these watching my thighs expand, I was talking to my friend who wants to have these at her daughters baby shower and we decided to make cupcake pops. This blog makes them look sooooooo easy. I think I might have to practice before the shower! 


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