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Yo Yo's all around me!

Today I don't know what got into me {maybe it's the free time with NO ONE home today} Yeah!... I started making yo yo's. I have oodles of fabric from the quilt I made for my grand baby and the two other quilts I'm making for my friend who is having a baby {Girl}. So I must be out of my mind to think I have time to make anything else, BUT, I started making yo yo's for a couple of bibs I'll make to go along with the gift. They will at least match. Our local Joann store is having a great sale right now so I might pop over and get the terry cloth to make the bibs with.
Here's my great find for the week....
And now for my crafty and frugal friends, I was at Goodwill last week when they had a half price day and as I was digging through the bags of clothes and other misc items,  I found a bag of fabric. This fabric had the tags on it, they looked like someone had used them to go to different stores to show the new fabric for the next season. They were all fat quarters size or bigger. So after looking through and finding several I could use on the quilts I'm making I decided to get them all. {I ended up using 6 different fabrics from this great find} So up to the register I went and asked the price. The wonderful lady {who I'm sure does not sew} said $5, well I hemmed and hawed and offered her $4 and she said sure! Oh yeah I also got the bag too!
I know the gray looks glossy in the picture but it isn't, it is just a canvas bag, great for grocery shopping. I was so excited to get this deal!
So if there is anyone who sews and uses fat quarters, we all know that they cost at full price $1.99 and on sale $.99 plus tax (7.75%) I got 111 pieces of fabric. so even if I got them all for $.99 I saved $113 easy and if it was full price I would have saved over $200. Best thing is there is no sales tax at Goodwill.


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  1. You got a real steal at the Goodwill! Yeah! Are you using the Clover yoyo maker? I used to make them by hand until I discovered they had actual templates that make it so much easier and faster to whip out yoyos. Aren't they fun? Pam @ Sallygoodin

  2. Cristi, I got a set of 4 different sized yoyo makers made from a company called Clover for less than $10 for the set. Found them on Ebay. They are made of plastic and yes, they make the process so much faster and each circle is perfectly gathered. :) Pam