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My good friend has an organic house cleaning business and today I was at her house, when I just happen to open a jar of her cleanser, just to smell it. I was so surprised that it smelled so good and it felt good too. Okay so does it really clean? I just had to try it and it cleaned good too. I just might have her come clean my shower (I hate cleaning it) She has a very nice web page too, If you live in Simi Valley or Conejo she's the one to clean your home with an organic touch. I had to give her a plug. I really am proud of her for starting up this cleaning service and making her own organic cleaning products.

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  1. What a great idea, cleaning with only organic products. Cleaning is not my hobby but what is better than a clean and fresh smelling house?xx

  2. Wow, how great! I love everything and anything organic (that's why I have a garden and chicks for eggs). I like a clean house too but don't like using chemicals which are bad for my kids!