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Cake Pops {Bites}

While looking around the internet at some really talented people who are baking wonderful tiny desserts, I found this really cute idea to try.

I'm really mad at myself because today at a yard sale I passed up a tartlet pan (for a quarter ` that is 25 cents!) that I didn't think I needed. Well now that I've been asked to make cake bites for a baby shower, I of course need that pan. Oh well such is life.
There are so many different methods of making these. So I spent a whole afternoon researching just how to make these adorable little treats.
So I'm starting a trial batch of the cake bites tonight. I'll let you know how things went.

Later that night...
Here's an overview of the way I'm making the cake bites
Bake a 13x9 cake.
You can bake any type of cake you like. Boxed mix or from scratch. I decided to use a mix, just because I had it handy and this is only a trial. I am going to make these and bring a few to my neighbor who just got home from the hospital, as a happy little gift to feel better. I'm cooking this tonight so it has plenty of time to cool before I crumble it tomorrow. 
Okay here is the pan of chocolate cake mix I mixed up. I think next time I will be making it from scratch. just to test the difference.
Alright now one last tap on the counter to get the bubbles out and into the oven. Tomorrow I will show the crumbled up cake and the frosting mixed in, with more directions. See you then.

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  1. i don't know what cake bites are so i can't wait to see what you do with this! :)