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Yard/Tag/Garage Sale Mapping

For quite some time now I have had a cork board with a city map glued to it, then on Friday I would take pushpins and put them in the map where each yard sale was. This made it pretty easy to find all the sales and be able to make a trail of where I wanted to go. It took me about an hour to get all the addresses and then push in the pins, then if a pin fell out I would have to figure out which sale it was. Also this is pretty bulky and cumbersome while driving or if I have someone with me they have to maneuver this board around and worry if they drop the pin box.
For a while now I have been looking online to find some app that I could use to do this a lot faster I found one but it only worked on the Penny Saver ads and there was no way to ad in extra addresses. But while I was on another blog today I think I found the best app ever! It's called Yard Sale Treasure Map.
I was testing it and it seems to work exactly like I would have created it. {if I was that smart} It is linked with your local Craigslist garage sale info {it includes the ad from Craigslist, so you'll know what items you might really want to look for} A super plus is you can add in other addresses from the local newspaper, or you can delete an address you don't want. It will map out your route and then you print it out. How cool is that!!!
There is also a How To @ About.com, so if you get confused or just need extra help go to that link.
This also works when you travel, all you do is put in the address you'll be starting from and it will map the rest. Now I can't wait for Friday to test this!
The next time I have a yard sale and I list it on Craigslist I will be putting the map and the How To links in my ad so that others will be able to use it too.


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  1. that's a great tip- i'm going to hop over to that site in a minute. my friend and i hit estate sales often and we've come up with a pretty good system with google maps and a gps, but this sounds pretty cool and might be even better! thanks!

  2. You can try Yard Sale Search as well. Lots of garage sales with maps there. I found yard sale treasure map a bit confusing with their driving directions - had me going about 10 times further than I needed to!

  3. That is a great tip... I am such a yard sale junkie. This will help tons.
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  4. That's such a great idea! Please join us for the FrenchGardenHouse Belgian Linen GIVEAWAY! ~Lidy

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