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Neglecting my blog lately

I know I have not been the best blogger. I
 have sorely neglected my blog. I did however finish the apron that I started, I will have a picture later today when my daughter gets home so that I can have her model it for me to take pictures. Stay tuned!

 I was up at my friend's cabin last week, stuck in the cabin due to snow falling, so I started a quilt for my granddaughter. So adorable! (oh the quilt is adorable too) Being inside with nothing else to do I finished the top of the quilt. Check it out I saw this pattern in the McCall's Quilting magazine. I just happened to find this and thought I can do that, well I did it! I just need to quilt it now. I have been very busy trying to search the internet and find out how to machine quilt. So far I have found this site and this one to be the most helpful. I have never done machine quilting before, so I thought I should read up on it first. I still have a few questions but I think I have decided what quilting pattern I want to use, now I just need to practice it on a sample so that I can make sure that I can do it. I'm really excited and a bit scared. I think I can make this work though. I guess I'll go to the store and get the batting and the back material so I can get this done this weekend.


I ended up not being able to quilt it myself, I had someone do it. I was so impressed with the results.

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