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necklaces and bracelets...

Have you ever been sitting at the computer and found yourself daydreaming and just wandering around the internet... Well I did that today and after a couple of hours I realized I didn't get anything done at home. But I did find lots of fun ideas and a whole lot of things I would like to buy.  Here's an etsy shop I like that has great prices and cute things. Here's my favorite necklace.
I also found this bracelet I think I will be trying to copy with my own treasures.

  I have a ca-zillion things to use with all the ideas I have floating in my head. Now just to find the time and peace and quiet at my house to do them all... I think that is a problem for all creators and crafter's. Well I must be off to work on a few pictures I took of my friends little girls.{alas it's back to work for me, no fun creating today}

have a great evening!

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