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Name Your Poison! Who would want these?

One day while walking through my Goodwill I was scanning over the dishware section and a nice man started talking to me about shopping there. He was breezing around looking for something specific and going on about how he had put his item in a spot so no one would find it, when he asked me if I saw the coupons on the back of the donation paper they gave out now. Well I hadn't seen these yet, so he said he had an extra one and he would get me one, but before he left he held up a glass from the other side of the shelving and said to me, "Name your poison? Then he proceeded to read me the names on the glasses.
After reading the names he said  I don't think I would feel safe drinking out of those glasses! Who would buy these? Being polite I said yeah I don't think I would feel safe drinking out of those glasses either! He then made some other comments and said he would be back to give me that coupon.
Meanwhile my friend wandered around to me and I told her about the nice man and how he was bringing me a coupon. We continued looking at the dishes and the man came back just as promised with the coupon, I thanked him and we chatted for a minute. He left and as I came around the shelving I started looking over the glassware items and came upon those glasses he was reading me the names, my friend said "They would probably sell as a gag gift on eBay"  (I can't believe nothing sparked in my brain when he read them) Having old eyes I can't quite read the fine print on the label that say's what brand it is. Then I started to wonder "How much will these go for on eBay?" So whipping out the handy dandy phone with the app I looked it up. Lo and behold these were selling for a lot of money. As quick as I could I put them in my basket.
When I went to the checkout line the man was there paying for his stadium seats (which by the way sell pretty good on eBay too) Wellll he happened to look over into my basket and see the glasses. He laughed and said "So you got those glasses?" I said yeah my friend thought they would be a good gag gift.

When I got them back to the Serendipity Warehouse I get the old magnifying glass out and see that it says "Neiman Marcus", Okay I did have a quickening of my heart rate now. I quickly got them on at a fixed price of $149.99, I only paid $3.60 for 6 glasses, they didn't have the stir sticks or I would have put them on for more. They were higher then any other auction or fixed price. They sold in a week.

Boy how about that, if the man hadn't read that to me I might not have thought to look them up. Have you ever had one of those moments where you just didn't think? Thank goodness I had something click in my brain to be curious. Tell me about your "didn't think" moment.

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