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Little Child's Size Couch Sitting by the Curb

A couple weeks ago my neighbor put a child's size couch out at the curb. I just happened to look outside in the morning as my son was walking his dog when I saw the it sitting next to a BIG clunky TV. Of course it didn't dawn on me to even look closer at the couch then. Later in the afternoon I was out watering the grass when I looked over at the couch again, but this time I actually thought "hey I should check this out better". So I put the hose down and went for a look see. When I got closer I saw that it was in really good condition (except the paw prints of dirt from my son's dog where he had jumped on it).
Of course my brain took awhile to get to figure out that "I can sell this!" But when it finally clicked into that gear, I must have looked pretty funny. I picked up one end thinking it would be pretty easy to carry, well it wasn't really heavy, just awkward, so I went to the side yard to get the dolly and brought it over to the couch. Here's the chuckling part, I lifted it up on its end, but I forgot the cushions and they fell out of the couch so I put them back in and then put the extra cushions on top. Of course they kept falling, so I'm thinking if anyone is watching this they must be chuckling to themselves, watching me bend over several times to pick up cushions when I could have put them under my arm, such a dingbell I am!
So I got it to the driveway and cleaned the dirt off from the dog and realized it has no rips, tears or holes.
I quickly measured and photographed it and got it on craigslist. Thinking I had gold, I started it at $110 but after several days of crickets chirping I changed the price to $90. After several emails asking me to go down to $50 (maybe I didn't have gold)
 I waited patiently and got a couple of phone calls, one from a lady that said her son's teacher was requesting a couch for her classroom at school. So she got another parents husband to bring his truck over to pick up the couch. After said husband pulled up to the driveway where I had brought the couch out to our porch, he looked it over carefully (as he was probably instructed to do) not wanting him to get in trouble when he got home, I made sure he looked underneath to see there were no rips. He felt it was in perfect condition too. So my grandson helped him carry it over to the truck (not as comical as when I brought it home) and proceeded to give me the $90. All was well as we waved to him speeding off around the corner.
Then I started to think "I need to get better at being observant", when I'm out driving I need to pay attention to the side of the road. After I brought the couch home I noticed later that day that the trash company came over to pick up the TV and bring it to the dump or recycling, not sure what they do with it, but they were going to take the couch too. So I feel good about "Saving" this couch from the landfill.
Have you "Saved" something from the landfill? Leave a comment to tell us your story.

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