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Clean hair anyone?!

  A while back I was out hunting searching for treasures to put in my shoppe, it was getting late in yard sale hours, about noonish, I came upon a box of new packets of shampoo and conditioner. Well this sparked my interest as I know beauty products can be a super good seller. When I asked how much they would take for the whole box the daughter said they would take $10, but me being the professional negotiator that I am, I couldn't pay full price. I offered $5. I could see the daughter was about to say yes, when (darn) she asked mom (it was mom's things) of course mom wasn't going to go so low, she still had a bit of an attachment to them. So she said she would take $8, I felt that was fair so I whipped out the dollars and strengthened my muscles bringing the box to my car.
After bringing it home I proceeded to sort and count all the packets, all totaled there was:

92 Formulas by Ecoly Papaya Dry Hair Shampoo
88 Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Potion Leave in Conditioner
86 Healthy Sexy Hair Color Safe Soy Milk Shampoo
50 Formulas by Ecoly Sage Weightless Conditioner & Detangler
94 Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo
They were about .019, not quite .02 cents each.

Into gallon size Ziploc bags they went, to keep things under control while waiting to sell these little treasures. I had time to only put the Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo on ~ Had them on at 6 for $9.99. Sold them 6 for $5.15. Why did I go down so much you might ask, well here's the greatest part about offering free shipping, when someone from another country buys the item they have to pay the shipping cost to their country. This particular buyer was very smart, she emailed me asking if I would come down on the price and she would buy all 13 items that I had on. This was a no-brainer so I quickly replied sure and told her $5.15 per item. I also searched the Ziploc bag and found that I had 2 more lots of 6 so I told her and she bought those too. When all the packets settled, so far I have sold 15 lots for $77.25. So with $8 spent I already have a $69.25 profit and I have now added the rest to my shoppe and "yeah" just sold one lot of the Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Potion Leave in Conditioner,
for a total of $80.24 profit and the best part is I still have oodles of packets to sell.

I love to ask the garage sale host to give me a total for the whole box when they have a lot of the same item, they usually want to get rid of it so they almost always throw a price out that is pretty reasonable. Don't you just love box's that keep giving?!?! I'd love to hear about your boxes that were a score, please leave a comment!

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