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way too fast

Of course my daughter came flying in the door then blitzed out and when I caught up with the whirlwind I remembered I needed a picture (of the apron) So the plan is to catch her today and get a picture up as soon as I can. Sorry about that, I hate when you remember something, then later when you needed to have it happen you forget. Meanwhile I am going to practice that machine quilting today, more on that later....


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  1. Good Golly, Miss Molly, Cristi!!!!! I checked your blog today and couldn't believe all that has happened! You have a fabulous attitude so things will be okay.

    When I was first divorced I was devastated. But when I met my true love the bad became the good, and I'm so glad my first husband left me!!

    Sending your daughter strength and courage and love during this time. Sounds like she has a pretty cool mama :)


    P.S. Happy you're back to blogging!