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"Off with her head!"

Don't you just love Disney, who in there right mind would make a children's movie that says: "Off with her head". Anyway I do love Disney, to sell on eBay too! But alas I'm not talking about Disney items today. I am however talking about bisque doll heads (kind of a stretch, I know).

I was at a thrift store in my town (this store gets some really unusual things in it) and I found a bag full of bisque doll heads marked $6.95 after the sale price it cost $6.75, so I decided to get them. Why you may ask? Well there are lots of doll people out there who are very artistic and are looking for "Parts" and I am always happy to help!
There were 9 heads in the bag, so that makes them .75 cents each. I listed one right away and it sold within a few days. It sold for $20.00

So now that I made my money back the other 8 are profit. I just got them listed last night. In just the 12 hours they have been listed they have had:

#1 ~ 22 views
#2 ~ 7 views
#3 ~ 22 views
#4 ~ 13 views
#5 ~ 26 views
#6 ~ 16 views
#7 ~ 3 views  ~ this one is a ladies face, all the rest are baby, I think that is why there are less views
#8 ~ 26 views

I expect one to sell soon. All are different, some have eyes, some have hand painting, some are just plain and one is a ladies face. So we'll see what happens. I'll post the results as they sell, be on the lookout in future postings. Now I'm off to list the mountain of other items I have.

Have you ever found a bag of heads? Did they sell? Tell me about it....

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