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I did it myself!

Doesn't it feel good when you figure out something that has been puzzling you for a long, long time. Well yesterday I finally did it! I figured out how to make my about me page and it worked! Such a good feeling inside kinda like hot chocolate with whip cream in the shape of a heart. (wish I had one right now). Anyway I am thrilled to have this off my "to do" list. Oh I guess I should show a picture of what I accomplished, oh why not just send you to the site... here it is.  I will be updating the page as I get better at this html thing. This has taken me a while and practice and searching the web to figure it out. I'm sure there are lots of people who will laugh because they already knew how to do this, but I just really wanted to learn and now I have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.
On another note I was at a yard sale yesterday, the only one I saw open, probably due to the fact that it was raining here in Southern California, anyway I started looking through all the "stuff" at the sale and there was alot of old VHS videos, cheap plastic storage keepers and a bunch of cheap kitchen gadgets - some that had seen better days.
Well as I turned the corner in the kitchen I found a Wedgwood dinner plate on a plastic stand in perfect condition tags still on the back. Of course I got it and I put it up in my store and already several people have been looking at it. I sure didn't expect to find any treasures yesterday with all the rain pouring here, I almost fell in a huge puddle of water getting out of my car to get this wonderful plate.
So if you need a replacement or just love this plate to add to a collection, I might have it for you.

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