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Silly Cat!

While I sat here so busy putting inventory in my little web shoppe, my silly cat has decided that a ball of yarn is a great play toy. As you can imagine there is yarn from one side of the house to the other, really all the way to my bedroom. Now as I am winding all the yarn back into a ball she is thrilled that I am now playing with her. So as I wind she grabs some more. Uh oh she just wandered off to the studio again, probably in search of more fun and exciting toys...... I just put a really cute cat book in the shoppe, come see it.


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  1. Hi Cristi~
    Thank you for the shout out with my jewels and for following my blog!! It also sounds like we both have silly cats. Can't get enough of them and I seem to post pictures of them a lot! Looking forward to following you :)

    peace, love & heART,